The Appeal of the Arts

There is something so wonderful about watching someone do what they were meant to do.  Watching someone pour their heart out, the pride they take in their work, the vulnerability, the belief that their work is truly important.  This is, what I consider to be, the appeal of the arts.  Although true for many other things, I find this to be especially true for the arts, perhaps because they are, for the most part, accessible and meant to be watched.  From my experience, I know that there is something incredibly vulnerable about displaying art.  As an artist, you pour hours and hours of work into a piece.  You dig deep, create something that matters to you, that is important, that you want to share with others.  Something that captures an emotion or thought that perhaps someone else will connect with.  In an odd way, you are displaying a part of you on the wall or pedestal.  While there is a separation between you and your art, there also can’t be.  You are your art.  You created these pieces out of nothing.  There is no one else in the world who could create it exactly how you would.  Without you, this would not exist.  And when this process is all done, you put it somewhere for people to respond to, and in a way, to respond to you, too.  Respond to the things you find important, to the thoughts and decisions you have.  I believe the same goes for actors and writers and singers and I think this is the reason I love theater, music, writing, etc. so much.  There is nothing more beautiful than watching an individual who truly believes in their work display or perform it with pride for others to see.  To watch them recognize their own talent and to passionately work hard to shape it into something worth sharing.  To watch them give their all, and sometimes not even realize how special their talent is.

Anyway, I attended a Mika concert and renewed my Broadway in Chicago subscription recently and I’m all fired up from the great stuff other people can create!  Happily supporting the arts in Chicago :)  Also looking to expand my Chicago theater scene beyond Broadway soon :)

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