The Art of Letting Go

Making art for a living has always been my dream career.  It is what I am meant to do and I truly believe that now more than ever.  I have plenty of other interests, I love math, I love public service, I love psychology, sociology, but none of these has ever pulled me more than creating.  In a never-ending quest to achieve this goal, I have purchased way too many books about art and business, art and marketing, art and careers, and most recently, Art + Money by Chris Guillebeau.  I admit, that I am just ten pages in, but it’s already got me thinking.  From very early on, the starving artist stereotype has been drilled into our heads.  When I tell people that I majored in Fine Arts and hope to someday make a living doing just that, they cringe.  In fact, as I am telling them this, it is likely that I, too, am cringing.  We are taught that artists do not make money.  But why not?  Artists provide a product, and I have been in very few spaces that do not have some form of artwork on the walls.  So there’s that, logically speaking, artists SHOULD sell their art.  And here is where my own personal problem comes in.  In order to fulfill my dream of making a living doing something I love to do, I would have to part ways with my precious art.  As in, my pieces will no longer sleep in the same room as I, they will no longer be carefully wrapped and protected with love in archival paper, they will no longer be readily available whenever I want to pull them out (which is actually almost never), they will never be altered, photographed or submitted for a show by their mother, if you will.  In a grand symbolic gesture and an effort to avoid hoarding my own stuff (stop taking yourself so seriously, Angelika-yes, I know), I will part with some of my pieces.  Baby-stepping from prints to drawings, but making progress. Starting by giving Taylor her beautiful face back (at least one of the five I have…baby steps).

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