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A week or so ago, I was pumped to make some big changes to the website.  I researched different ways of selling online and was ready to jump in and make my own e-commerce website and get on this making money by doing what I love business.  So I jumped right in, installed a new plugin in my wordpress, excitedly started setting it up and then… realized my entire website was gone.  Panic, devastation and hope took turns playing with my poor heart as I tried to stop myself from considering how I would feel if indeed I had just lost a year’s worth of work on something that I still did not fully understand and could not replicate easily.  Thankfully, this story has a happy ending.  I’m not sure how or what happened, but I fixed it and all is right in my world again.  Needless to say, I spent the next hour researching ways I could back this puppy up and finally found a very reasonably priced service that will make sure I never mess this up again :)  Or rather, it won’t control my impulses, but it will give me the option to undo!

Feeling a bit less fearless after I created and fixed that mess, I instead decided to do something a little less drastic and make some little big changes.  So instead I registered myself as a business in the state of Illinois.  According to my extensive business education (I found this information online), in order to sell anything in Illinois, I must register as a business.  In addition, I must also be a licensed business in the City of Chicago, although I’m not sure to what extent this applies to me as I’m in the suburbs.  I plan on looking into it this week.  Regardless, I am now in the process of becoming a Sole Proprietor, which sounds quite official :)  Another big little change came with a baby step in the development of a logo.  I was so excited about this idea, I couldn’t sleep!  (seriously, I could not sleep.)  I realized that I had my logo all along, in the form of the silhouette one of my teachers made of me sometime before I moved to the US :)  This is significant for several reasons, 1) It displays my signature childhood hairstyle 2) as you may be aware, childhood is a big theme that can be found throughout my work 3) it’s a connection to my roots, which will always be in Poland.

It’s simple and very accurately describes my interest in childhood and the things that shape us.  It’s meaningful to me, and pretty to look at and I’m excited about both of those things :)  I even once carved out a stamp out of it for the other love of my life, my books.  It is likely, that if you ever borrow a book from me, it will have this stamped into it, along with my name and ‘Ex Libris’, so you know exactly who to return it to when you’re done! (I’m very attached to my books):

And to make this even more official, I chose this as a design for my t-shirt project this past week.  So now, I’ve got these beauties as well :)

I have also conquered the skill of screen printing on material, so those who get gifts from me can expect a lot more screen printed goods coming their way!  Likewise, if you need a shirt or a bunch of shirts made, I am now available for hire!  Also, thanks to Spudnik, I also got a great opportunity to get some of my pieces re-photographed, so I’ll be updating some of my not so professional photographs on the website soon as well.  As you all witnessed, I also tried out the Rafflecopter and look forward to using it again since it was super easy!  Thanks to the winners (and I say winners, because you’re all winners in my heart!) (but, seriously, you’re all winners!) for entering ;)  I will be sending out your postcards this week!  More little big changes coming soon and even bigger changes in the works :)

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