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Being a maker myself, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for handmade objects. Objects that have imperfections which make them all the more special. Over the holidays, I received a necklace from The Giving Keys from a close friend and I fell in love with it. There’s several components to these key necklaces that I love. First, the key necklaces have messages and these messages turn into stories. When you receive a key, it is with the understanding that you will at one point pass the message on to someone who you feel would benefit more from it. You can choose what word to put on the key, for example, the one I received says ‘inspire’. When you pass these keys on, you have the option to share your story on their blog. And of course because I am a sucker for stories, this is my favorite part of their website. The other idea behind the company that I really love is that the keys are made by individuals who are transitioning out of homelessness. I love the idea that these keys are aiding others in some sort of way. Not only do they have their original story of where they are from and what purpose they served (the keys are recycled and although there’s no way of knowing what they once opened, it’s fun to imagine), the story of why they are being gifted to someone, but also the story of how an individual or a family may get one step closer to living in a safe environment. They recently posted a story of how the giving keys helped change a couple’s lives. Here is a blurb directly from their website:

In A Nutshell

The Giving Keys exists to employ those transitioning out of homelessness to engrave recycled keys that get sold and shared around the world. Each key necklace is unique and carries a message like HOPE, STRENGTH, DREAM or COURAGE. When the wearer of the key encounters someone else who needs the message on the key, they give it away and then tell us their story.

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