The never ending quest for Work/Life balance


I’m sure I’m not the first one who feels this way, but the more I build my own art and design practice, the more guilt I feel about not doing enough. About taking a day off. About setting boundaries and limits as to how much work I am doing and how much time I’m leaving for the rest of life. I know logically that everyone needs a work/life balance, and I know I should be very aware of how much I can do before I start burning out. And I am. But only half of the time. The problem is, I enjoy what I do, so to me spending a full day, morning until night (when I can) working on projects sounds fun. But what I forget until later is that it’s also tiring. Because as much as it is fun, it’s also work. So, logically, taking time off or even just not working through the evenings or weekends shouldn’t feel like I’m slacking. But it still sometimes does. I don’t think I’ll ever fully balance life and work out, I think the workaholic in me will always fight my never ending quest to be a healthy and happy human being :) but I suppose that’s good, perhaps that struggle is exactly what I need to make sure I never stray too far one way. It probably keeps me more aware of where I am and where I would like to be, which is something I hope to never lose track of.

I’ll be working on a new invitation project (this guy will be in it!) in the next week or so, I’m excited to see it come together and share it!

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