Tourists of New York (aka TONY)

Here’s my TONY blog post (it’s like HONY, but with tourists…although I can’t verify that these individuals are all tourists… They may be locals)
I made my way from hot and stuffy New York to hot and stuffy DC last night. No long post today, as travel is exhausting and I’ve been up since the crack of dawn waiting to get to the rain room at MOMA. But I thought I’d share two photos. Above we have the Starry Night paparazzi :) and it’s too bad I didn’t take a few steps back because there was a swarm of people around Van Gogh’s piece. Taking pictures of paintings and art is always funny to me, I’m not sure why we do it. Perhaps to remember that we did indeed see it. Of course, my own inclination was to whip my camera out and take my own photo of the piece as well, so I have no business talking, really. But the pictures we take of museum pieces are never really great, and there are far better images online if it does so happen that we’d like to look at it again. And yet, despite all this, I still find myself photographing artwork like these guys. Planning for that one point in the future where I’ll look at the photograph and kick myself for not taking the time to look at the art more closely in person instead of through my camera lens.20130718-213839.jpg
And here’s another gem, these two sharing cronuts in front of the rain room. In case you are not aware, both of these actions require about a 2-3 hour wait at the MINIMUM. It was the quintessential New York experience :)

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