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The Travel and Adventure Expo is coming to town (and later to the Bay are and D.C.) this month and I’m pretty darn excited.  Why?  Because the man who held my hand (figuratively, of course) through Europe will be there (also, Chris Harrison will be there, talking about international love…).


Anyway, Rick Steves is and forever will be my travel crush.  He is the one who always makes sure I get discounts in cities, the one that tells me that there are secret nuns selling homemade cookies around the corner in Madrid or that the best time to buy tickets to a museum is early morning so that I am not standing in line for hours.  The Frommer lady will be there as well, but let’s face it, her guide books do not quite measure up to Rick’s.  There will also be dance performances, a photography talk, as well as food chats, all of which I am looking forward to as well :)  As if meeting your travel idol wasn’t enough, you can also learn to scuba dive and pet some penguins.  I’ll have photos and info up from the expo at the end of the month of course :)

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