Travel, people, photography, art. In that order.

Inspiration can come from many places, some people make art inspired by their own emotions, sometimes by words they read, sometimes by nature, among the many other sources.  Usually my ‘inspiration’, although I am hesitant to use that term, comes from my own experiences, my own past and the fleeting moments I capture on my camera.  Since my high school or so, I have come to  love exploring new places.  In my 23 years on this world, I have traveled to 58 cities and 15 countries, about 40 of which were not in the United States.  I have lived in three of these countries, 8 years in Poland, three months in Spain and the rest in the US.  These numbers sum up some of my proudest accomplishments and best memories, and I hope to have this number grow every year for the rest of my life because as you can see, I’ve got a lot left to cover :) (according to TripAdvisor, I’ve only seen 9% of the world!)

So, back to the basis of my work.  I travel, I people watch and meet, I photograph (and if you’ve been anywhere with me, you know how attached I am to my camera…), and then later (sometimes much later) comes the art.  I do not like digital work, I do not like computers and I do not like how abstract photography is as an art form (for me), working with pixels instead of pencils, and being able to cover up your tracks or undo steps(!).  So instead, I make new images out of these digital images loving the thrill of knowing that whatever mark I make on the surface is final and cannot be undone.  I make images that are even more biased than photographs, filled with my emotions and opinions of what I find important.

Here’s where some of these works originated:

Hare Krishna gathering (festival?) in Prague, Czech Republic

Street Festival in Brussels, Belgium

Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy

Street vendor in Tetouan, Morocco

School Children in Zurzular, Honduras

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