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As I’ve mentioned probably too many times before, I love photography and I love books and I love travel.  I took a photography class in college that combined all of the above.  I recently rediscovered my travel photobook online and thought I would share.  It’s not the favorite project I’ve done, but it definitely allowed me to explore the concept of a book in a way I hadn’t before, so it was a great learning experience :)

What was most interesting in the class was the process we went through to put the book together.  The process of combing through photos, eliminating some, then eliminating more and then eliminating some more.  It’s is different when you have one photo and present it versus presenting a group.  Now, you may have an amazing photograph that you’d love to include, but it also does not fit within the larger project.  Moreover, in book form, you also have to pay attention to how the photographs are arranged, spaced and how the viewer flows through them. It’s a much more complex process, one that I did not anticipate but appreciated much more afterwards.

(Side note, the woman on the right above was painting with her FOOT!)

To create the book, we used Blurb.  This is not the only photo book I made, and it’s not the highest quality of book I’ve seen, but they do have amazingly easy software, which is more than I can say for other companies.

The book was made in 2010 with some of my travel photos.  If you click the preview, you can look through the whole thing here.

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