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I had a very eventful last weekend due to the wonderful negative temperatures in Chicago!  It all started very smoothly with the most pleasant eleven hour ride to Washington D.C. with two of the very few people I can have a pleasant eleven hour ride with :)  We found out everything we ever wanted to know about each other.  And much more.  I am the only one who would willingly head out to space if the world were ending, apparently.

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*First row, first photo, stolen from photographer Evelyn.  Second row, first photo is how Greg actually stands.  Like a model.  Even when no one’s looking.  Or just in case someone’s looking? ;) I tease.

I don’t have too many pictures to share from this trip because I pulled out my camera a total of one time over the whole four days of the trip, so what I do have is iPhone shots and a couple shots from the our walk Sunday evening.  Evelyn hadn’t been to DC in a while, so we strolled through all the monuments and memorials and visited the Holocaust Museum.  Oh, and of course, we went by Bo and Sunny’s house.

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In between, our tour guide and host, Greg led us from one delicious restaurant to another.  I also got to catch up with a wonderful lady named Taylor, who caught me up on everything Beyonce has been up to.  Yes, that Beyonce.

Then on Monday, Greg went to class and Evelyn and I spent our day at the airport, waiting and watching as flight after flight was cancelled due to the fuel pumps freezing at the Chicago airports.  Can you tell how exhausted we felt?  We were ready to go home and catch up on sleep at that point, but no such luck… Our flight, and every other flight to Chicago got cancelled by the afternoon, causing us to extend our short weekend to a long weekend.  Thankfully, like a night in shining armor (or just a really good friend in scrubs) Greg managed to change his whole schedule and pick us up so we wouldn’t have to spend the night at the airport or hotel :)  Ok, to be fair, he didn’t change his schedule for us but rather for his own health and sanity before he even knew we were staying, but I like to pretend that it was actually just his love for his friends that made this all work out… Faced with an extra evening in DC, we did the only thing that made sense at the moment (or at any moment, really), we went to Georgetown Cupcake AND Baked & Wired (because one bakery just isn’t enough) and got too many cupcakes.  We then sipped wine and slightly nervously made too many ‘stuck in DC’ jokes as we anxiously refreshed our flight’s status page every couple minutes just to make sure we were actually going home the next day.  Thankfully, our flight home on Tuesday went very smoothly and got me home just on time for jury duty the next day!  (I know, I was psyched.)

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