War Horse

I went to see War Horse at the Cadillac Palace Theater last night and was blown away by how beautiful and powerful it was.  I have never set through a musical as stressful as this one, I was clenching my fists fairly continuously throughout the whole play.  The lighting, the sound effects, the choreography, the set were all absolutely amazing, but the thing that really stood out even more than all that was the puppetry.


The horses in this show were absolutely amazing. With the lighting, the fast moving plot and amazing actors, it was very easy to forget that there was indeed not a horse on stage but three actors in an object that resembles a horse. Plus, it looks absolutely gorgeous on stage and it is fascinating to watch three individuals who cannot communicate in any verbal way bring this horse to life. Another amazing aspect of these ‘puppets’ is that you can even ride them. Turns out there was a TED Talk by the creators of these very elaborate puppets. About halfway through, Joey, the main horse character of the story comes out and you can actually see the puppet move:

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