Weekend full of Art

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This past weekend was full of art and artists.  On Saturday, I attended another awesome Hashbrown and met some great people, which always tends to be the case when I’m hanging around Spudnik.   While destroying my poor feet by dancing too much, I hung out with more artists, one of whom has a show up in the Water Tower’s City Gallery right now, which I’m hoping to check out soon.  And of course, I spent some time watching letterpress magic happen in Jenna’s class as I do every weekend (next week is the last class, I’m going to miss my weekly dose of printmaking! I bought this letterpressed Holstee Manifesto poster to hang in my studio to remind me to go back to it every now and then.  But also, because it should be everyone’s manifesto.)

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In between all that, I somehow managed to be extremely productive with some design projects.  But, probably the most useful part of my weekend was hearing this NPR clip which told me exactly what I need to do to be perceived as a great artist- act a little crazy.  So, apparently, according to this research, eccentric people are seen as better artists.  But only genuinely eccentric people, so I can’t even fake being a bit ‘off’ to propel my art career forward ;)  Anyway, here’s the short clip:

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