Why I keep an artist blog and new publication!

I decided to start an artist blog almost (exactly?) 6 months ago! It’s funny to think about where I was then and what my vision of the future looked like versus what it actually is now. It’s better than I imagined at the time :) I decided to start writing because 1) I love writing and I don’t have any other reason to write now that I’m no longer in school :) and 2) because I wanted to share some of the stories behind what I am doing with my art. Sometimes they are very directly stories of what is going on in my pieces, but most of the time it’s just me talking about what I find important. Coincidentally, I also make art about what I find important, so it’s hard not to connect the two. Last weekend, I participated in a critique session with three local curators. At one point, one of the curators asked me if I think my pieces are biased. Now, I had just gone off an a rant about how important accuracy of information and documentation is, so it was funny that he raised this issue and funny that the only answer to that question was ‘of course it’s biased.’ Biased in almost every way. I chose what to include, what to exclude. Through my decisions, I lead the viewer down a certain path. I invoke connotations by the mediums used, the format of the piece. My pieces are absolutely and completely biased. But isn’t most of our world biased? Most of the information we consume throughout our life is biased. From a young age, we are taught out parents’ biased viewpoints- they teach us what is important to them, they share their interests with us. Teachers then chose what to teach us and how to teach it. Despite their best efforts, they are not robots, they have opinions and those opinions are reflected in their teaching. Our friends only share what they find important. Reporters talk about what they think the public will enjoy. Etc. So anyway, thanks for sticking around in my biased corner, where I only share what I think is worth sharing :)

And speaking of bias and stuff that’s worth sharing… I am excited to be included in Face Figure Identity, a book recently published that includes the work of 22 contemporary artists whose work has to do with the human figure.

A survey of twenty-two contemporary artists who paint humanity in a new light. Their work validates the human being as a continually worthy subject for artistic study. All paintings presented in this publication were created within the past three years of the publishing date, establishing this book as one of the most up-to-date printed exhibitions of figurative painting.

Some amazing artists have been included in the book and I am honored to be in that group. You can preview the book by clicking the following link: FaceFigureIdentityPreview. If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can do so here.

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