Wolność i Prawda

WOLNOŚĆ I PRAWDA    is an artist’s book that explores the events linked to the tragic death of former Polish president Lech Kaczyński along with 95 other individuals onboard Polish Air Force Tu-154.  En route to attend an event commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Katyn Massacre, the plane crashed, killing all the passengers.  Among others, the victims included government officials, members of the Polish Parliament and relatives of victims of the Katyn Massacre.  Wolność i Prawda explores the connections between history and the present within this very complex event.  The speech that was to be delivered by the former president at the April 10th event to commemorate the anniversary of the massacre is written out throughout the book.  Silently delivered through this piece in the Polish language, this powerful speech ties together the past and the present.  Likewise, throughout Wolność i Prawda there are images serving the same purpose, including historical images and documents relating to the massacre, as well as images of newspapers from the newspapers published immediately after the tragic, and very uncertain at the time, events of April 10, 2010.  Each of the 96 pages serves as a memorial for each passenger on the flight, honoring them each individually and equally.

The speech can be read HERE in the Polish language and HERE in English.