You Are My Wild – Children’s Photography

Maybe it’s because I’ve been someone or other’s babysitter for most of my life or maybe it’s just nostalgia, but I can’t stop looking through the photos on You Are My Wild…  The blog posts combine the work of 14 different photographers, each documenting how they see their children.  Here’s some examples of the gorgeous shots on the blog:

Klodjana Dervishi:

klodjana dervishi klodjana dervishi2

Ryan Marshall:

Ryan Marshall2 Ryan Marshall3

Shelby Brakken:

Shelby Brakken3 Shelby Brakken

Meaghan Curry:

Meaghan Curry Meaghan Curry3

Kelsey Gerhard:

kelsey gerhard kelsey gerhard2

Dera Francis White:

Dera Frances3 Dera Frances2
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