You can see it in the eyes… (on catch lights in photography)

In one of my first photography classes, my teacher pulled up a photo, zoomed into the eyes and told us exactly how the lighting was set up. Being the information geek that I am, I was amazed :) If you look closely enough and if the lighting is set up right, you can see a reflection of the whole room in there, including the people in it, the environment, the lighting, everything.  If you look closely in magazines, same thing applies, more information than I ever thought possible included in those catch lights and reflections.  In that third row, you can even see my reflection in the eye.  One of the ways we play with lighting in some of my classes is to try to replicate the lighting in magazine shoots, in which case the catch lights are not only interesting and fun, but also very useful :)

IMG_7852 IMG_7852-2
IMG_7980 IMG_7980
IMG_9866 IMG_9866-2
IMG_9635-2 IMG_9635
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